Today we are a family-run traditional company and producer of ashtrays, waste containers and waste collectors for the commercial sector.

Many trends in recent years (smoking legislation, relocation to China, industry 4.0) have shown us: On the one hand, one has to go with the times, on the other hand it is worth to constantly put on its strength and apply it where niches are.

The company TKG goes back to the “metalwork Salmen” founded in 1923 by Anton Salmen. The company specialized in the production of brass parts, and from 1967 on components on fine sheet, which were produced by thermoforming, welding, laser cutting and powder coating. Since 1995, ashtrays, ashtrays, waste collectors, waste containers and paper baskets are also part of the range, which was offered under the name “TKG Technische Kunstoff- und Metallteile”.

The company is still family-owned, with managing director Alexander Salmen.

We have strengths as an expert in safety and cleanliness products, as partners in the trade and as companies with production know-how. The philosophy of our products is: Commercial products for operation and building equipment in the area of safety, order and cleanliness In the future, we want to introduce additional products into the market by strengthening the innovative power and to further strengthen our position.

  • 1923

    Anton Salmen founds in Menden the metalwork Salmen for brass castings and moldings of iron and non-ferrous metals.

  • 1939

    With 500 employees, Salmen is the largest employer in Menden/Sauerland and produces parts for the automotive manufacturer Borgward. Anton Salmen is also developing the now common form of fire extinguishing pressure vessels.

  • 1966

    a result of the bankruptcy at
    Borgward also the company Salmen in slant situation. In 1967 the sons Hubert and Paul Salmen set up GESA Salmen GmbH, a
    company specializing in the production of pressure vessels.

  • 1970

    company GESA already has 100 employees and produces 6kg pressure vessels for
    fire extinguishers all over Europe

  • 1977

    company TKG GmbH is founded as part of the company group and specializes in
    plastic deep drawing parts and plastic tubs

  • 1981

    the plant in Menden, 1.5 million pressure vessels are built for names like
    Gloria, Total, and Minimax. The company delivers worldwide from the USA to Sudan and New Zealand. Customers like John Deere, Mahle, Ille and ContiTech can be convinced of
    products from Menden.

  • 1997

    company is forcing the development of ashtrays. The wall-mounted rugs of the line Rondo revolutionize the market. The products grouped under the TKG brand convince customers such as
    Kaiser + Kraft, SSI Schäfer and Manutan.

  • 2001

    modern production of wall hydration cabinets is being launched. Until the year

  • 2007

    develops into the leading manufacturer in Germany.

  • 2010

    company TKG is expanding with new developments such as fire-retardant paper
    baskets, dog salons and smokers in other areas of the office building and
    workplace equipment sector.

  • 2016

    the pressure vessel construction was discontinued, the company TKG founds a
    joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer for fire extinguishers. These are offered under the name Krone.


TKG, headquartered in Hemer (Sauerland), is a German market leader in the development, production and marketing of office buildings and urban facilities in an upscale design.

This means: TKG markets ashtrays (wall ashtrays, stand ashtrays), combi waste ashtrays, paper baskets for interior and exterior waste containers, fire-retardant paper baskets and fire-retardant ashtrays, organizers, infotafes, and city mobiles.

The company has been on the market since 1973 and is family run.

TKG mainly supplies the specialist trade, the iron goods trade and some selected direct customers for research purposes.