waste ashtray combination RONDO KOMBI

Colours: Stainless steel / Red / White / Nickel silver / Graphite

Material: stainless steel and powder-coated sheet steel

Dimensions wall/floor model: Height 410 mm / Diameter 180 mm

Dimensions standing model: Height 825 mm / Diameter 180 mm

Capacity: 10 Litres

Application: indoor and roofed outdoor areas

Target Audience: Entrance Areas, Office Buildings, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Public Facilities


    • Container made of stainless steel or sheet steel, powder-coated in four different colours
    • For the reception of cigarette ashes in the galvanized ashtray and waste in the collector underneath with large aperture
    • Available as stand model including foot, floor model or wall model

    Description: Container made of stainless steel or sheet steel, powder-coated in four different colours. For holding cigarette ashes in the galvanised ashtray and waste in the collector underneath with large opening. Dispensing with edge protection. The special lid construction prevents a permanent exchange of oxygen, so that fire and embers are extinguished. The ashtray insert is completely removable. The container is easy to empty. It can be tilted up to 180° so that you can empty the container by tilting it. The stand is black powder-coated as standard, made of steel square tube with cylindrical base (diameter 245 mm).

    Application: Indoor and covered outdoor areas

    Target Audience: Covered outdoor areas, entrance areas, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, public facilities Others

    Characteristics: Available as stand model including black stand, floor model or wall model. Optionally available with rain protection roof


    Click here for the product video.


    height 825 mm 410 mm 410 mm
    diameter 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm
    capacity 10 Litres 10 Litres 10 Litres
    RONDO KOMBI  red 360013 360014 360012
    RONDO KOMBI  white 360015 360016 360011
    RONDO KOMBI nickel silver 360046 360044 360053
    RONDO KOMBI graphite 360045 360039 360052
    RONDO KOMBI  stainless steel 360043 360042


  • Download the PDF data sheet of the product by clicking here.

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